Friday, August 17, 2001

oh so happy! getting another blogger. her name is Sam! HI SAM! *he*. well, dinner was cancelled yesterday! and i didnt go to lunch either. that sucks now, doesnt it. i couldnt go to dinner because mike forgot he had dinner with his relatives, so he had to cancel. and hes going back to school so, i wont see him again until next summer, if he even comes back! i'll miss you mike! ah, hes the coolest.

anyway, im sicky. oh, poor michelle. i feel like total crap. i was going to the movies today with clare, but now i cant because i've got a stomach ache, and i cant eat anything, and my eyes hurt. *humph*. And i got "the painters". isnt life just wonderful!

well, i gots to go work on my site now. be well.

Thursday, August 16, 2001

well nothing really exciting happened today. but considering its only 9:41 am, what would! im going to lunch and dinner with a couple of my friends from camp today, so that should be cool. this weeked is my best friends party, her birthday was yesterday, though. HAPPY 13th Clarabelle (thats what i call her). we should have an awesome time. we're going downtown, and spending the night at a hotel, and we're going to an all ages club from 6-10. when clare has a party, she KNOWS how to party. i'd have parties like that but my parents cant afford it. i mean w're not poor or anything, but Clare is like, rich!

well i should be on my way. be well.